Do you need to supplement your existing income, or replace it altogether?

"Discover a 'Set & Forget' Business -

that you never need to touch - which Generates Hard Cash on a Daily Basis, 

but Needs no Staff, no Stock & no Premises"

(...and no, it's not MLM, Forex trading or Internet Marketing!)


Dear Income Seeker,

If you’re like many people in these uncertain times, you may be searching for an additional income source to prop up your regular earnings.

Tired & Losing Hope?

I don't know if this is the beginning of your search or whether you've now looked at so many 'opportunities', with so many over-blown promises, you've grown tired, cynical and are losing hope rapidly.

If you are in this position, allow me just 5 minutes of your time to describe my business, then see how it stacks up against everything else you've looked at.

First though, let's compare notes and see if you can relate to any of these situations...

  • Your children have grown up and you planned to sell your home, downsize and live off the equity – except the downturn in the housing market has just eroded 30% of it.
  • The nest egg you had saved for years was in a bank that’s failed and you’re not sure if you’ll get all … or any of it back.
  • Your savings which are in a high interest account are now earning a fraction of what they were because the government keeps reducing the base rate.
  • Likewise the pension you thought you had and which you were sure you could rely on, has also taken a hammering due to the current financial crisis.
  • Maybe you’ve recently been made redundant and you’re not sure if you’ll get another job in your sector or at your previous pay scale.
  • Or perhaps you’re just returning to ‘civvy street’ after a career in the military at a time when thousands are being laid off by big, secure companies - like BT, RBS and Virgin Media.

Simple & Highly Profitable

If any of these circumstances describe you I would like to offer you a way out – a solution I’m sure you won’t have heard of before which is simple, highly profitable and has little, if any competition.

Before I do though, I’d like to tell you a few things this is NOT:

  • Any form of network marketing business or MLM scheme – you won’t need to fill your garage full of lotions & potions or pester your friends and family to join your ‘downline’.
  • A high tech internet business – you won’t need to learn any complicated internet marketing skills or create your own product to sell. And you won’t have to cut your profits to the bone by trying to sell on eBay - this is a real business ... in the real world.
  • A franchise of any kind you won’t need to pay an extortionate franchise fee to learn this ‘system’, you won’t have to give up a percentage of your takings for the lifetime of your business and you won’t have to buy a brand new van and spend thousands having it painted in the company’s colours.
  • Any type of gambling or stock market investment - no, this has nothing to do with betting on horses or the direction of the stock market, we'll leave that for the punters.
  • Property - property can be a great business to be involved in, but in this economic climate with house values dropping daily, can you afford to take the risk? (just ask all those buy-to-let landlords stuck with negative equity portfolios just now).
  • Adult industry - I can't deny there may be money to be made, but let's face it, do you really want to have that conversation with your children about what Mum or Dad sells for a living?

What's the Catch?

Okay, so we're not talking about any of these, but by now you may suspect there's a catch. Let me arouse your curiosity a little more then by giving you a short list of things you WON’T need, or have to do, to operate this business:

  • Premises – forget about having to find suitable premises, fit them out with shelving, display stands and a till. Nor will you need to find the money to pay for rent, rates, gas, electric or telephone every month.
  • Stock – there’s no stock to buy so you won’t have to make weekly trips to the Cash & Carry or wait on deliveries coming in from your suppliers. Nor will you ever be forced to literally throw money away because your goods are past their 'Sell By' date.
  • Staff – you won’t have to employ staff, so you’ll never need to worry about sick days, maternity leave, theft, expensive training or staff disputes.
  • Marketing budget – because of the unique way this business operates, your customers will already be supplied and someone else will be picking up the tab to get them there.
  • Deal with customers - there is no face-to-face selling in this business and you NEVER have to deal with customers directly. You won't ever have to handle a confrontation with an irate customer or argue over a refund.
  • Your daily presence – you don’t even need to be there. This business will continue to pump out daily profits for you whether you’re at home, on the golf course, or lying on a beach in the Bahamas.

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